Joan of Arc
Updated: 5/12/2020
Joan of Arc

Storyboard Text

  • I am Joan of Arc I'ma peasant girl. I'm from Domremy, France. I am quite young but very determined To serve god.
  • You must save France and help them defeat England. Go to Charles.
  • One day I heard voices from saints and God. they told me I had to save the french from being defeated by the English. I listened to them and traveled to see the dauphine .
  • Oh my!
  • I traveled to see the French dauphine. He tested me by putting an advisor in his throne and blending in with the crowd. I spotted him immediately. After talking with him, he believed me and gave me some control in commanding the army.
  • At first the military didn't believe or listen to my ideas. Once they started to trust me, we won every battle I planned. The French army became strong. 
  • Admit to heresy!!!
  • During one battle I was captured by the English. They threatened me and ordered me to admit to heresy. I refused to compromise my faith and morals for life. I knew what God intended for me and in the end I died. 
  • Although I died, my impact didn't stop there. I influenced the fall of feudal system. I was just a peasant girl and became a well-known military leader who brought the French to many victories. People realized that class doesn't have to define your capabilities.