Mrs wealtherford projecct
Updated: 4/30/2020
Mrs wealtherford projecct

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  • You're welcome Julie and here we are at the first landmark, The San Carlos River. It was named after a ship and is sometimes referred to as JB because of the owner of the ship, Jack Bonner.
  • Thanks fro taking me on this nature retreat to learn more about this beautiful place Mr. Goldin!
  • Yes, that's true and we have a bunch of culture especially in Stanley, which is our main city, such as bird watching, The Stanley Marathon, and special things that we have picked up from British heritage such as nice gardens and red mailboxes.
  • At school i learned that the island has many names such as the Malvinas islands or Islas Malvinas
  • I also learned at school that the islands weren't inhabited when they were first discovered but was established by the french 1764!
  • John Strong, an English captain, made the first recorded landing in the Falkland Islands in 1690.
  • Its beginning to rain lets head to Stanley and continue our talk there.
  • Did you know that Stanley wasn't the original Capitol of these islands?
  • Well done! One other fact you might not know is that some of the beaches still have unexploded mines from WW2 and a couple of parts of the beaches are sectioned off
  • I did! The original is located at the north of Stanley and was named Port Louis.
  • Back in 1982 Argentina and Britain fought over this island and the battle lasted 72 days! Argentina surrendered.
  • In the 19th century Stanley had extremely busy worlds ports due to the damage sustained by the ships around the cape horn.
  • There was also a battle know as The battle of Falkland Islands which was a major naval battle at the beginning of WW1.
  • Well, thank you for this tour i enjoyed learning a few new facts! Thanks Mr. Goldin
  • I had a good time and you taught me some new things as well, See you later Julie
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