The Ring of Solomon
Updated: 12/17/2019
The Ring of Solomon
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  • Magician(Master) Bring me something from babylon that would please the king
  • Exposition- The Magician is in search of an old and powerful artifact to gift to the King of jerusalem.
  • Conflict- Bartimaeus heads off obeyed in his animal form and go for master and find the powerful artifact for the magician to give to the king
  • Rising Action- Bartimaeus gets back with the artifact and tricks the magician into getting out his protective and he died due to the demons magic
  • Bartimaeus stop!helpp!!!
  • Ah ha! your protection is gone now it's time to die
  • How are we going to get away from Khaba he's way stronger?
  • Climax- based on what khaba is trying to stop Bartimaeus from making him stronger continuing the threat towards king Sheba
  • I'm Khaba your new masters for you trouble makers !!!
  • I don't know how but we have to try and Stop the threat king Solomon is making and save Queen Sheba
  • Now that king Solomon has left now a I can do what's right & fair for nations , and kingdoms
  • Falling Action - As Bartimaeus is realizing and trying to find a way to save Queen Sheba Nation
  • I'm going to change my ways
  • A Treaty that will restore the peace for both of our Kingdoms
  • Resolution- after Bartimaeus destroys the ring King Solomon comes to realize that
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