Peace in the darkness
Updated: 12/10/2020
Peace in the darkness

Storyboard Description

A 15 year old girl

Storyboard Text

  • finally are city is safe from are enimeas and now we will attak them.
  • This town is going to go to war and it is going to end the town!
  • yes, I will gather my men to head to war with them. they are in for a treat. haha
  • mom must the town go to war.
  • yes, they took are money and our homes. so yes we must.
  • 300 years later...
  • I think I am going to talk to the town tonight so the world will not go to war.
  • hay,do you want go down to river and look at the stars?
  • what will this town do?
  • oh I am so prod, and I bet you father whoud be too, he always though you were going to do big things one day.
  • here that mom I stop it I stop the town from going war!
  • This is the girl that saved he town froim going to war and this happend 300 years ago.
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