One Snowy Experience
Updated: 5/26/2021
One Snowy Experience

Storyboard Text

  • How the day began!
  • Me too Aanya!
  • Oh My God! I can't wait any longer, I love the snow!
  • Come on let's go we're getting late!
  • A few hours later...
  • Oh my god! The snow is making the road slippery! I hope we reach the hotel safely!
  • Don't worry! It will be fine!
  • Then began the most terrifying experience of that night…
  • Screech!
  • Oh Gosh! For how long?
  • “Ugh!, the snow is melting, we have to stop and wait! 
  • God knows? Well at least until the car is able to move without slipping
  • Hi, My name is Aanya! And this is the story of an event that automatically became a memory, that I always remeber. That day started as any normal day on my vacation. It was a day filled with snow, in the winter of 2019. My family, me, and some friends prepared for the road trip from Las Vegas to Tehachapi.
  • One hour Later...
  • Dad, I am really tired and scared can you hurry up and take us out of here pls!
  • 2 hours had passed, the night got darker and the weather got colder. My family and I started to realize that this is going to be a long and tough road trip.
  • Event I caused...
  • Dad I am scared, drive fast we should leave. I can't tolerate this situation anymore.
  • The news of snow making the road to be slippery caused everyone stress and fear.
  • The execution...
  • In that last one hour, all we could cover was 2 miles, in disbelief everyone was tired.
  • Oh No! Another car fell because of the snow!
  • As the time increased my patience level decreased and tired of all these noises I told my Dad to take us out of here.
  • Trying to fulfill my request Dad began to try and move on that slippery road. That decision ended up well but the experience of it, Oh God!
  • We are scared!
  • Okay! Calm Down, I will try to start the car and drive it.