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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/21/2020
Unknown Story
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  • On a dark and stormy night, all of Victors hard work had finally come to an end. "I had worked for nearly two years, for the sole purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body"(Frankenstein 42). The creature Victor had put all of his time and effort in is nearly finished, almost ready to come to life.
  • The creature is awakened. All of Victor's hard work finally came to an end, however, unsatisfying. The creatures ripping yellow skin and shaggy black hair horrified Victor, who, in response, fled downstairs out of fear.
  • After rushing upstairs, Victor did his best to try and sleep, but his efforts did not work. Midway through the night, "the miserable monster whom (Victor) had created... held up the curtain of the bed"(Frankenstein 43). Victor, startled and terrified, escaped the creature and spent the rest of the night pacing the courtyard.
  • The following morning, Victor wakes up in the church in Ingolstadt. As he gets up and walks around, the only thoughts echoing within his brain were about his creature. He "sought to avoid the wretch whom (he) feared every turning of the street would present to (his) view"(Frankenstein 44).
  • During his supposed recovery time, Victor comes across his friend Henry Clerval. Seeing Henry again gave Victor a minor sense of closure and a breath of fresh air.
  • After reuniting, Victor brings Henry back to his house. Victor enters first to check if the creature is still there, throwing the door forcible open," as children are accustomed to do when they expect a spectre to stand in waiting for them on the other side"(Frankenstein 45). To his surprise, the creature is gone, lifting a minor weight off of his shoulders. However, his fear remained.
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