Climate Comic Project Pt. 2 (Daniel Contreras)
Updated: 2/9/2021
Climate Comic Project Pt. 2 (Daniel Contreras)

Storyboard Text

  • Carbon Dioxide is released whenever ocean, venting volcanoes, & natural wildfires. With that in mind, the amount of CO2 has been steadily increasing along with the temperature.
  • In addition, human has been a major help in increasing CO2 with the action of burning gasoline in our cars, fuel in our planes, & coal in our factories.
  • With the massive amount of CO2 in the atmosphere more than ever before, it's no surprise that it'll have an effect on our temperature & environment, effectively helping climate change increase even faster.
  • Greenhouse gas is a certain gas, caused by humans, that blocks heat from escaping, essentially, it’s an alternative name for carbon dioxide, in which we've already discussed.
  • The "Normal" Greenhouse effect would be that 30% of Solar Energy would return to the atmosphere before hitting the Earth (indicated by the yellow arrows). 50% of Solar Energy would be absorbed by the Earth, & 20% is absorbed radiation trapped inside of Earth (Indicated by the red arrows).
  • Some of the possible effects of the greenhouse effect would be Earth having warmer temperatures, which can make some places more drier than before, melt glaciers & other ice, & the sea level will rise heavily.