Socrates allegory of the cave
Updated: 3/9/2020
Socrates allegory of the cave
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  • this is Socrates and glaucon they are talking about three made up prisoners who live inside a cave.the prisoners are chained to the ground and can only see straight. they can only see straight and can hear sounds of walking.
  • this is the cave that socartes and glaucon described. the objects cariied by people walking behind the wall made shadows for the prisoners to see. the prisoners were used to the dark and could see somethings inside of it.
  • one of the prisoners have escaped the cave but are blinded by the light. soon he got used to the light and could see less shadows and more light he also saw his own reflection in water.
  • soon the prisoner could barley see shadows and can see more light. he eventually could see the sun. soon he would return to the cave to tell his inmates about his experience
  • soon the prisoner returned to the cave. he told his inmates about his experience but they thought he was lying. the prisoner could barley see the shadows or in the dark they were in. he wanted to free them and show them but if he did they would attack and probably kill him.
  • once he was done telling his story Socrates told glaucon his allegory. in this allegory Socrates talked about how his eyes can change about what they are used to to see different things and that going back inside the cave can damage the prisoners eyes.
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