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How Earth Was Created
Updated: 2/19/2020
How Earth Was Created
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  • Earth was divided into 4 quarters: north, east, south, west
  • The world was a flat disc surrounded by water
  • Each quarter was associated with 4 creator gods from the first 4 worlds
  • Above the water were 13 layers of heaven and below were 9 layers of underworld
  • I am Tezcatlipoca, a powerful god of darkness and sorcery
  • I am the leading god, Ometeotl and these are my 4 sons
  • I am Quetzalcoatal, a gentle god who likes humans
  • Before they could separate the Earth and sky, the Earth Goddess covered herself with a snapping monster.
  • After the 4th destruction, the sky had fallen onto Earth and Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatilpoca had to seperate them.
  • The 2 brothers, then transformed themselves into great serpents
  • They grabbed the earth monster at both ends, and broke her in half
  • They then raised half the monsters body to become the heavens, thus separating the heavens from Earth
  • Then, the 2 brothers were chosen to be the sun and moon
  • That is the story of how earth was created
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