Antitrust law storyboard
Updated: 10/25/2020
Antitrust law storyboard

Storyboard Description

Per.5 Econ homework 2020/10/22

Storyboard Text

  • What's the purpose is antitrust law, can anyone tell me???
  • Ah, a dog is yelling at me!
  • Human are so stupid, it helps buyer and seller feel fair in market (Woof Woof)
  • Economic system is driven by competition, competition help us get better product and lower price, it helps break the monopolistic and make a fair market.(meow meow)
  • Oh a cute cat, but why he is bigger than me
  • Why do they made this law, can someone tell me plsssss!!!!
  • Wait, what are the examples of monopolistic they break. and when is it create? WOWWWW, there is a polar bear , I have to run
  • Damn, what a stupid human, he don't even know antitrust law is created at the end of 19th century, the examples this law broke is oils, steels, and railroads. I don't want to eat him now, or I will be stupid as him.
  • How the break up the company of AT&T help consumers ?
  • A cute human, because the break up help phone price drop, quality increasing, and people don't need to use renting phones
  • Wait, but why the government sure the Microsoft.
  • Why there is a crocodile.
  • Government made no browser monopoly, and the world has come to rely on the many apps, firms and ideas that were born after Microsoft’s control was broken.
  • Finally arrive school now, am I going to pass the quiz.
  • No, because 《Jurassic World 3》is filming now, and I am going to eat you
  • He must be the stupid human that my buddies told me.
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