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Updated: 1/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The Scopes Trial
  • Mr. Lamarck is such a Flat Tire, is he trying to get this man fired!
  • This semester you need to teach the students about evolution!
  • Won't people think that goes against some religious beliefs?
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  • Darwin's Theory states: All species of organisms arise...
  • Welcome Dayton, Tennessee public High School
  • Applesauce! I knew I shouldn't have come today, this class is boring!
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  • I have a bad feeling about this, it's giving me the Heebie-Jeebies.
  • They say you violated the Butler Act.
  • Banana the Monkey looks like she hasn't had her morning cup of Joe yet.
  • In this scene Scopes is being instructed to teach his students Darwin's theory of evolution. The staff telling him to do this is aware of the chaos this may bring.
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  • God made us, not monkeys!
  • John T. Scopes taught Charles Darwin's theory of Evolution to the class. He spoke about Darwin's theory that humans and apes had descended from a common ancestor.
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  • I think the Judge forgot to wear her cheaters this morning.
  • Scopes (Left), Scopes Lawyer Clarence Darrow (right). The Butler Act had been passed in 1925 which had declared unlawful teaching of any doctrine denying the divine creation of man as taught by the Bible. Scopes would be tried for violating this act.
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  • You're the Bee's Knees!
  • Banana
  • Because of the theory that Scopes taught the children about humans and apes having a common ancestor, this trial was nicknamed the Monkey Trial. To mock this event, townspeople would walk apes and monkey down the streets, also where preachers would preach the word of the Bible.
  • zzz.
  • 2 hours before the trial was scheduled to begin, crowds poured into the courthouse. Darrow then spoke his speech then proposed his plan. Nonetheless, Scopes was proven guilty and was finned 100 dollars!
  • This trial was a mixture of religion and science. Despite what some may have believed, John Scopes did not have to pay the 100 dollars he owed after all.
  • I think I might pull a Daniel Boone!