The Son of Neptune
Updated: 8/2/2020
The Son of Neptune

Storyboard Text

  • Percy Jackson is running away from 2 snake-haired ladies when he comes across New Rome. He meets Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang who he befriends.
  • Percy, Hazel, and Frank go on a quest issued by Mars. Their quest is to free Thanatos and kill Alcyoneus.
  • Percy, Frank, and Hazel meet Phineas who knows where Alcyoneus is. They gamble the information out of him.
  • After freeing Death in Alaska, Percy fell off a glacier to kill an army of Roman ghosts. Frank and Hazel ride Alcyoneus to Canada, where they kill him.
  • Percy, Hazel, and Frank ride a chariot from Alaska to New Rome, where they help the Twelfth Legion fight off an army of monsters.
  • Percy, Hazel, and Frank go to meet up with Annabeth, Jason, Leo, and Piper. They are coming in a battleship called Argo II so they can go on a quest to save the world from Gaia.
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