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Updated: 10/5/2020
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  • October
  • Jessica and Ryan meet each other. They start a relationship with each other and get married. A month later, they buy a house and decide to get a baby.
  • In order for Jessica to get pregnant, they need to have sexual intercourse to produce a fertilised egg by using Ryan's sperm cell and Jessica's egg cell.
  • Once every 28 days (roughly) one of Jessica's ovaries release an egg cell. It travels through the fallopian tube. Right now her egg cell is in the the uterus.
  • Meanwhile, Ryan's sperm is travelling into Jessie's vagina They are swimming and trying to find the egg cell.
  • The sperm cell fertilised the egg cell and the DNA is transferred. It then develops for 9 months inside the uterus. The lining helps it stay safe
  • 9 months later, the baby, Stacey is born!
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