Dungeon of Despair

Updated: 3/26/2021
Dungeon of Despair

Storyboard Text

  • As time went on, I found the strength and willpower to get up and start moving around the cavern with my arms extended. I heard a strange noise but ignored it. The dungeon was 100 paces big. Breathing was easier, however, my eyes were strained. The only thought I had was, "was I left to perish of starvation in this subterranean world of darkness?" (Poe 7).
  • After wandering through the dungeon, I fell asleep. As I awoke, a loaf of bread and a pitcher of water were there when I extended my arm. I drank the water avidly and continued my dungeon tour.
  • As I once again awoke, I noticed that the prison was actually visible. It was much larger than I initially anticipated and had a lot going on in it. One notable item was the large pendulum attached to the ceiling.
  • I slept again and much to my dismay, the pitcher was gone. I was bound to a long strap. I was extremely thirsty at the moment and could think of nothing else but the water. There was a dish with food on it, but I just stared at the dish, for the thirst was intolerable. I then looked, upwards and noticed an increasingly descending pendulum.
  • As the pendulum swung and descended, the entire room seemed to vibrate. However, there was a silver lining; all of this agony and sickness would be over soon.
  • When death seemed to of been knocking, hope arose. I once again heard the strange noise and then saw a bunch of rats swarm the room, and then me. I felt them crawl over every part of my body, but the struggling was brief as the rats loosened the bandage that had me bound. At last, I was free...or so I thought.