Stone age

Updated: 2/10/2021
Stone age

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  • During the Paleolothic age, the invention of Stone Tools were created and gained the knowlege of making Fire.
  • Nomads mirgrate to different places in search for food like animals or plants, these nomads were called Hunter-Gatherers. This was the nomads Culture in the wild life.
  • As time goes on, Technology has been improved. Cro-Magnons have grouped together to gather more food and enchanced their use of spears.
  • As time goes on again, humans soon took up Farming which made getting food easier and they started to Domesticate animals, this era was called Neolithic Revolution.
  • Humans soon started to practice a new method for cutting and burning down trees to get a flat field for farming, this was called Slash and Burn.
  • Civilization will evolve overtime and become more modern in our society.