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Strong and Beautiful
Updated: 2/27/2019
Strong and Beautiful
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  • Exposition
  • You should put some pepper on those eggs. To match you.
  • The saying, you are what you eat. Well, you should eat what you are. 
  • Main Conflict 
  • Don't worry, we will get you tonight. 
  • Are you calling me dumb?
  • Whatever you just said, makes no sense. 
  • Rising Action 
  • Cole and his friend Bryan come to bother Tamara and Carly in the cafeteria at breakfast. They have been in summer camp together for years. 
  • Climax 
  • Aaaaahhhhhh!
  • They continue arguing and Bryan warns them about tonight. 
  • Falling Action 
  • Tamara and Carly watched the boys, knowing that they were going to do something. The boys were thinking about how to make them eat burnt marshmallows. 
  • Resolution 
  • I am so sorry for my actions. I didn't know I was hurting you, and I want you to know that you are strong and beautiful.
  • Tamara got up to go get more marshmallows. But someone pushed Tamara and her hand got burnt. 
  • Tamara accused Cole of pushing her because he is always pulling something. 
  • Get away from me! It's no surprise that you would go this far one day, I knew it was coming. Why have you been bullying me for years?
  • I would never actually harm you, I just bug you to get a funny reaction.
  • Cole apologizes to Tamara for the first time ever and Tamara stops putting herself down. All misunderstandings are cleared and a new friendship begins.
  • Thank you for apologizing. All this time I thought you hated me because of my skin color. I guess I was wrong.
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