Unknown Story

Updated: 9/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hey Khloe, I need to use the restroom really quick. Can you grab the newly seated table?
  • No Michael, I already have 3 tables that I'm waiting on, this one is all yours
  • I understand where you’re coming from Khloe. I really do. Let me tell you what, I can take over one of your tables for you and you can grab this one. Does that work for you?
  • Yeah Michael that works. I hope you know that I’m still in charge of myself.
  • I told you that didn’t mean you were in charge of me.
  • You’re taking your sweet time in the restroom instead of serving our table appears to be what’s going on here.
  • Oka-, woah woah woah. What’s going on here?
  • Okay but now you owe me. I have to go and fix this whole mess my bladder caused me.
  • Awe. Now I feel bad. Is there anything you need help with, Michael?
  • I could really use a hand with that table over there in the back room.
  • Okay I got it. I’m sorry Michael.
  • You know you don’t have to help me right? I’ve got this covered.
  • No Michael I’m helping you, you’re so nice and kind and genuine so you deserve this.