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hello history project
Updated: 9/11/2020
hello history project
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  • Thats a great idea lets go to the past!!
  • Hey! you remeber the lesson that we learned about John Lock today, Lets go and meet him. So we have a better understanding
  • What should we ask him about?
  • Hello Mr.Locke we would like to ask some questions about some words we learned
  • And also what have you been doing in your life
  • Of course what do you need to know?
  • After talking about the lesson they desided to go to the past to meet Mr.John Locke in there time traveling car.
  • wow!
  • You see Issac newton and Francis both had facinating ideas...
  • After getting in their car they try to figure out what they are going to ask him and they decide that they will ask him about some vocab words that they learned in class and also life questions.
  • Then there is this man Hobbes...
  • Thank you so much good sir and goodbye!!
  • After they greated John they started to talk about his life, He was born in 1632 and now is in the time period 1680.
  • And there are all the terms you asked about, I guess this is goodbye..
  • Mr.Locke started to talk about other philosopers and their belifs that he knows of like the man Issac newton and his Universal law of gravitaiton where he explains that gravity is universal, he also talks about another man named Fransis Bacon and his Inductive reasoning where you make statements based on scientific observations
  • Then he starts to talk about a man named hobbes and how he belives that kings had the divine right to rule over his subjects, and of course he dissagreed with all of it.
  • Finally he starts to talk about seperation of powers and how he belives that there should be seperate powers which control the government. And he talks about another term by sir Bacon his scientific Meathod in which it is a meathod where you follow the steps to make a scientific statement. Then after all of that he said goodbye and they we're on there way home. THE END
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