Updated: 3/13/2020

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tears of a tiger

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  • BJ
  • BJ is the most responsible of the group, but he feels that he is to blame for his friend's death.BJ's strength is his responsibility for his health.BJ's weakness is his self blaming mentality.BJ's defining moment was when he tried to save his friend Robbie from the Windshield.BJ is struggling with coming to terms with his involvement in the crash
  • (pg 15) "There's some stuff I don't understand about this accident - like why it happened and why Robbie had to die and why I didn't die."
  • Tyrone
  • "He screamed what seemed like a long time... that's what I'll never be able to forget"
  • Tyrone is one of the friends of Robbie and Andy, who was drinking before the car crash.Tyrone's strength is his ability to move on after tragedy.His weakness is his irresponsibility due to his drinking.Tyrone's defining moment was when he managed to move on and get into a relationship just after a traumatic event.Tyrone struggles to keep his friend Andy together and in a good mental shape.
  • Gerald
  • "So, to make MY world better, I'd get rid of peanut butter, Band-Aids, and five-dollar bills."