Drug Comic
Updated: 1/15/2021
Drug Comic

Storyboard Description

Gym project

Storyboard Text

  • After finishing a surgical procedure, the doctor and the patient's mother chat in the waiting room"Ma'am, the surgery on you child was successful, he should see a speedy recovery""Oh, that's wonderful. Kids, go and explore some of the building while we wait to take your brother home"
  • Older: "This looks like one of the rooms where they do the surgeries, look at all the tool cabinets!"Younger: "What's this on the ground? It looks sharp at the end"Older: "It looks like some sort of needle that was left behind, we should find someone who can tell us what it is"
  • Some people use it outside of a place like this for the hallucinations
  • And so off the two kids went in search of a doctor that might have some idea to what's in the mystery needle
  • That was really cool, I learned a lot from that doctor.
  • When the two finally found a doctor who knew what was in the needle, he explained to them what it was"It's a drug called ketamine that we use to put someone to sleep before and during surgery. It can be addictive if used wrong, causing hallucinations and similar effects"
  • "Ketamine is also considered a Class 3 drug, meaning that it has a bunch of medical uses but can still be abused. It fits in the same category as steroids or testosterone. It's also restricted mainly because of its similarity to a much more powerful drug, PCP. By controlling this one, we can control the other. "
  • Some time later, the kids returned to their mother, with their minds filled with new knowledge