Ava Glaza: Carbon Cycle Comic (Warrick Biology 2021)

Updated: 2/10/2021
Ava Glaza: Carbon Cycle Comic (Warrick Biology 2021)

Storyboard Text

  • What is that big machine thingy over there? It's invading our habitat!Each year, 5.5 billion tons of carbon are released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.
  • Well honey, we still have to live here and do our part in their ecosystem. Time to respirate!Carbon dioxide is a product of plant & animal cellular respiration and is released into the atmosphere through this process.
  • Where's all the rabbits? We're hungry and the weather is getting really hot... that's weird.
  • Warning: Tigers are becoming endangered because climate change from high carbon levels is killing their food sources and raising the temperature of their habitat.
  • Meanwhile....
  • Roger, did you know that when our phytoplankton friends die they sink, and their carbon forms sediments? I always knew they're life wasn't totally meaningless.
  • These big piles of rocks keep showing up. I wonder what they are...
  • And what makes his death even worse is that his decaying body releases carbon dioxide into our water. Waaaaaaaah, I just can't stop crying!
  • NOOOOO, our best friend Jerry died. I'm going to miss him so much!!!
  • If all of our friends keep dying like this, soo much carbon will be released into the atmosphere, causing climate change.
  • And then climate change will cause glaciers to melt and sea levels to rise... OH NO!!!