Coutable and Uncoutable Nouns
Updated: 6/2/2020
Coutable and Uncoutable Nouns

Storyboard Text

  • Excuse me, how many streets am I from Avery street?
  • You are just two streets away.
  • Excuse me sir, is there any cafe in Avery street?
  • Yes, there is one indeed.
  • Hello, do you have any tea?
  • ----------- Cafe -----------
  • Thank you!
  • We do, I'll bring you a cup right away.
  • Thank you for the tea. So, I've heard that there is a library nearby. Could you give me directions?
  • Yes, there is one on the corner of this street with the one on the right.
  • Hi, could you tell me if I'm near the library?
  • Alright, thank you!
  • Yes you are, it's just around the corner.
  • Wow, there are so many books here!