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Updated: 10/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Ohio River Valley
  • George Washington
  • Back home
  • Go build a fort this time.
  • There was conflict in North America over who had control over Ohio River Valley. People wanted control over this land because it had what they called breathing gold (beaver fur).
  • Fort Duquesne
  • Are you serious!!!
  • George Washington was sent by virginia in an attempt to make the french surrender, it did not work.
  • Fort Necessity
  • Jokes on you, checkmate.
  • George returns home and he gets sent to Ohio once again to Ohio to build a fort.
  • George Washington gets back to Ohio again he discovers that the French already built a fort in the exact spot he was going to build his.
  • He was so mad that they had already built a fort so he attacked it without permission.
  • This triggers the French and Indian War