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Updated: 5/22/2020
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  • THE ACTSThe acts are taxes on the colonists by the British, having them tax sugar, mail, and requiring all colonists to house British soldiers.Miracle Hendricks
  • The Quartering Act Required American Colonists to house British Soldiers.
  • The Quartering Act
  • The Intolerable Acts were acts that were put on the state of Massachusetts, which took away their self-governance, and caused much rebellion and rioting.
  • The Stamp ActThe Stamp Act is a tax on American Colonists which required them to pay for stamps on all of their mail.
  • The Boston Massacre was an accident, which happened while Colonists were rioting against the British. Someone yelled 'FIRE!' and the British Soldiers shot and killed 5 colonists.A
  • The Boston Tea Party was a rebellious movement against the British, in which colonists dumped boxes of British tea, stolen from British ships, into the ocean.
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