Perseus and Medusa
Updated: 3/13/2020
Perseus and Medusa

Storyboard Text

  • Here, I give you these gifts to defeat the Gorgon Mesuda. The Gods believe in you
  • I can tell you the location of those who know where Medusa dwells
  • Thank you, Athena
  • Tell me where Medusa is or I'll kill you!
  • Fine! Just leave us alone!
  • Goodbye, Medusa
  • Zzzzzz...
  • Perseus, son of Zeus, had been given the task of killing the gorgon Medusa. It seemed hopeless, but the goddess Athena gave him several gifts from the gods. Hermes's flying shoes, the invisible helm of Hades, and a mighty shield and sickle.
  • DIE!!!
  • Perseus went to the Graeae, who shared one eye and one tooth with each other. He put on Hades' helm and stole the tooth and eye, demanding the location of Medusa.
  • When Perseus reached Medusa, he used his shield to prevent himself from turning to stone, and cut off her head, careful of her sisters, who had turned into gorgons with great wings.
  • After leaving Medusa's sisters, Perseus met Andromeda, who'd been chained to stone as a sacrifice for the great sea monster that attacked her city. In exchange for her hand in marriage, Perseus agreed to fight the monster.
  • After rescuing the princess, they got married in her kingdom. However, Andromeda's previous fiance interrupted, starting a riot. Perseus turned him to stone as retribution.
  • Then, after their marriage, Perseus went back to his mother with Andromeda, turned the greedy king who'd given him the task to stone, and lived happily ever after with his wife and mother.