Broken Blade By:Brennan Royal Hour#4
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade By:Brennan Royal Hour#4

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre's father was injured so he had no choice but to sign with the voyageurs.His father was so proud of him for making this decision.But his mother was very sad that her son was leaving so long,but he had to go. 
  • Other than the blisters,muscle soars,homesickness,and scrapes Pierre was having a good trip.He gets along with his brigade members pretty well especially Mckay though he still has the people he isn't fond of.He knows he has to keep paddleing,and get through it so that is what he will do.
  • Pierre and his brigade decided to run the rapids.It was an amazing and super fun ride.Until it wasn't LaLonde was standing trying to get the canoe off a boulder and fell in.Now all they could find of him was his oar.It will be a hard loss to get over but i will need to be done.The brigade must keep going to support their familys. RIP LaLonde
  • The first day on Lake Superior was good.Until a giant storm rolled it it started rocking the canoe back and forth.Then it split it open and the brigade had to paddle to the nearby island.They stayed there the night and the next day.
  • As the brigade pulled up to Grand Portage Pierre was happy they got so far.Then he realised that Grand Portage wasn't as grand as people made it out to be.He was happy they got there and put the looks of Grand Portage behind him and had a great feast.He even meet an Indian chefs family.He wasn't sure how long they were going to stay but he was going to make the best of it while they did.
  • Pierre finally arrives home he is estatic when he gets back .He is bombarded by the doctor and his family but Pierre knows he must go see he so he keeps the conversation short and runs home.He tries to sneak up on his father but is caught they have a heart warming moment.Then father goes to get Pierres mother and siblings.I feel Pierre will sign on next year because he enjoyed his first year for the most part and wants to continue to grow a bond with his brigade members.