Believe Me - Lianne Tanedo
Updated: 2/13/2020
Believe Me - Lianne Tanedo

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  • Start a fight..
  • I am here to introduce our newest student, Sheldon. Harvey and Tammy, I you guys have the job to help and show Sheldon around the school.
  • Yes, Mrs. Nelson!
  • Well let's give him a chance!
  • Harvey, we can’t hang around with that kid anymore! He already got into a fight during lunch and spilled water all over the hallway.
  • Oh my gosh, Tammy! Can you just please let me be friends with whoever I want.
  • “Please listen to me Harvey, he’s such a bad kid. He’s just trying to get you in trouble.
  • And why is that?
  • I need your help to get me out of this school.
  • Whoa! What if I get in trouble?
  • None of your business, I need you to steal from Mrs. Nelson’s purse. Or else..
  • I promise you won’t.
  • HARVEY! LISTEN TO ME! Whatever he made you plan on doing, don’t listen to him.
  • You are gonna get in trouble. Your parents would get so mad at you.
  • Tammy, stop being so overprotective. I got this. Mind your own business.