The Franks Movie
Updated: 2/14/2020
The Franks Movie
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  • Yay! Victory once again!
  • Hmm.. What is that in the sky?
  • Maybe it is a sign..from God.
  • Victory against the Arabs! Christianity is saved in Western Europe. Thanks to our military general, Charles Martel!
  • We could not have won without you gentlemen, I would do anything for our kingdom to live.
  • Sorry, Pepin, but it's against the law
  • Military general is not enough for me!
  • Please help me become king.
  • You must protect the church,
  • go to war for the church,
  • I will help you, but first help me.
  • and give me more power and land.
  • Clovis and the Frankish army win a battle. The king then sees a cross in the sky and becomes the first Frankish king to convert to Christianity.
  • Spare me Charlemagne! I shall convert to Christianity!
  • Charles Martel and the Frankish army go in battle with the Arabs in the city of Tour. The Franks end up winning by looting the Arab camps and distracting them for a clean attack. This saved Christianity in Western Europe.
  • Watch out Roland! They are approaching the back of the army!
  • Since Pepin's father, Charles Martel, was a military general, that also had to be Pepin's position. But he did not think that was enough for him- he wanted to be king. Since the only position higher then the king at the time was the pope, Pepin asked the pope to support him being king. The pope agreed under certain curcumstances.
  • Yes, father Louis.
  • I shall split the Frankish kingdom between you, my three sons!
  • Charlemagne wanted to keep the Christian religion alive in Western Europe by presenting conquered people with the thought of "Convert or Die" so if they do not agree to convert, they will be executed.
  • When the Franks were in war with the Basques from Spain, they made their way t the back of the army where Roland, Charlemagne's nephew was positioned. He attacked them and his victory was remembered in "The Song Of Roland," a French epic poem.
  • Don't worry! I've got them and we will conquer the Basques!
  • When Louis, Charlemagne's son, became king, he split the Frankish kingdom into 3 seperate kingdoms amongst his 3 sons, which weakened the kigdom.
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