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Updated: 9/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • A crazy dream
  • Hey Leyla, let's go to my house to do a skincare and order food while we play something, do you dare?
  • Well it wouldn't be bad apart I'm very hungry those popcorn weren't enough hahaha
  • By: Sara Santander
  • Hey, the food was very tasty but I was already full, and that skincare was very cool, it left my face hydrated but it made me sleepy
  • Yes, I know, I'm still full and I'm sleepy, it's good that your mom let you stay to sleep, rest
  • Omg look at us this is so elegant I love it !!! I love your dress too but what a strange dream it seems so real
  • Well the dresses are not bad at all but where are we? or rather when are we?
  • OMG!!!!
  • We will sit on a throne seriously !!! Wow
  • Hello Ladys ready to go to the hall of thrones?
  • Wow these clothes are very cool and elegant
  • I agree what a thrill to be able to be princesses
  • This is how they will be tomorrow at the coronation
  • Hey girls, class ended 5 minutes ago, you better have copied the homework because they fell asleep and Layla wakes up Gaby please
  • Wait it was all a dream wow haha ,​​yes teacher I woke her up right now do not worry