brunos project
Updated: 2/24/2021
brunos project

Storyboard Text

  • introduction
  • hi my name is bruno i am a student and ill teach you events of the civil war
  • cause of the war
  • the cause of the war is slavery
  • start of the war
  • the civil war is important because it is the reason that slavery ended in the south and it was one of the most bloodiest wars ever becuase they had alot of deaths more than 3 wars put together.
  • union war efforts
  • the civil war was fought because the south still had slavery and abraham linclon wanted to end slavery and the south did not like that so they had started a war to defend their slave rights.
  • confederacy war efforts
  • at the start of the civil war the north was getting ready to attack the south at night time and they were getting ready to attack.
  • legacy of the war
  • the union war efforts is that they would first attack at night because the confederates had attacked fort Sumter so they was planing on attacing new orleans to where they could block off alot of trade routes and some generals for them were Winfield Scott, George B. McClellan, Henry Halleck and Ulysses S. Grant.
  • the confederates planned for the attack by boarding off the gulf of mexico during the battle of new Orleans it they lost it even though they were trying to guard it but the union beat them and the head general was robert e lee