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Social Studies Project
Updated: 10/4/2019
Social Studies Project
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  • Paleolithic times
  • What if we...
  • Agriculture
  • ?
  • I have a feeling that im gonna turn into bacon soon...
  • We can use this pig for food!
  • Wow, this is so much better than before...
  • Neolithic times
  • Yeah, i'm so glad that we have permanent homes now, they are so warm!
  • Life is hard and dangerous for the nomads. (Nomads are people who don't have homes and have to go hunting in the wild to get food.) They have to work hard to survive and the population is dropping, babies are starving and people have to live in caves.
  • Making rules/laws
  • Great idea!
  • The nomads got tired of their sad and dangerous life. Then, they discovered Farming and Domesticated animals, they dicided it made more sense to just make their own food and bring the animals home.
  • Surplus of Food
  • Whoa! There are so many crops!
  • This is so much better than farming, maybe I can trade this afterwards...
  • After the discovery, the nomads were in heaven. Full bellies, growing children, nice and cozy homes, things were finally looking up for the nomads.
  • Trading & Jobs
  • The nomads not only wanted a better life, but a peacefull one too, what I mean by that, I mean so stealing, no attacking people, and no going into people´s homes without permission.
  • We should make laws so people dont do bad things.
  • People started to grow so much that they had crops to eat for weeks without having to do any work!
  • Because the people had so much food, some of them quit farming and decided to do other jobs. Them, people started trading they're work with other people/countries for their food.
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