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Updated: 4/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • A great fire has started in the city of Seattle, and a civilian is stuck on the top of the building
  • The base of a tower with a height of 45 meters is 27 meters from point A.
  • what would be the angle ofelevation from Point A to get to the top of the tower?.
  • Tan(x)=45/2745/27 Tan^-1x=59.03the angle of elevation would be 59.3
  • x FT
  • 45
  • 27
  • thank you for saving me
  • the power went out and so the electricians came to fix it.
  • the height of this ladder is 7 feet tall and the angle is 33 degrees
  • the electrician needs to know whats safety gear to wear depending how long the latter is, how long would you say is the ladder
  • 7ft
  • 33°
  • x ft
  • thank you, for helping out now i know what safety gear to use
  • sin (33)= 7/xx=7/sin(33)x=12.8the ladder is 12.8 feet tall