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Trig Project
Updated: 5/3/2020
Trig Project
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  • Sammy the Squirrel is getting ready to store nuts for the winter. Sammy sees a tree with nuts 20ft away with an angle of elevation of 32 degrees. Sammy wonders how tall the tree is so she can climb it. Use Tangent to find your answer. Tan(32)=20/x, The tree is 32ft tall
  • Sammy the squirrel decides nut aren't enough for winter, so she decides to go to a local birthday party for some cake. Sammy's angle of elevation is 23 degrees and the hypotenuse is 30ft. Sammy wonders what is the distance of her from the table. Use Sine to find your answer. Sin(23)=x/30. her distance from the table is 11.7ft
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