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History - July Crisis 2
Updated: 10/21/2020
History - July Crisis 2
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  • 30th July - The kaiser sent a message to Russia asking him to stop readying his troops. Nothing was agreed. Later on the Tsar refused to stop the preparations for war and because of that Germany got their army ready and declared war on Russia . The French also prepared for war.
  • 2nd August - Germany began the first part of its plan. The plan was that Germany would fight both Russia and France in a war, assuming Russian would mobilise troops longer than the French. They would invade France with a swift defeat and fight the Russians in the East. Germany sent troops to the border of Belgium and asked to be let through to France but refuse.
  • A day later, Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium. Britain was then brought into the conflict of a treaty signed in 1839 promising to protect Belgium. The Kaiser thought Britain would not stick to it however Britain sent a message demanding Germany to stand down. After receiving no response Britain declared war on Germany 4th August at 11pm. Then France declared war on Germany, at the same time as Austria - Hungary finally declared war on Russia.
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