Health Risk Behavior

Updated: 9/5/2021
Health Risk Behavior

Storyboard Text

  • I haven't been feeling like myself recently.
  • Well did you know that vaping leads to lung disease? And certain vaping products have caused more than 2,800 separate cases of severe lung injury.
  • Hey, I heard you said that you haven't been feeling like yourself lately. I think I have something for you.
  • Actually, vapes contain nicotine which is a highly addictive drug. Even after doing it once I could be addicted. 99% of vapes have nicotine in them even if labeled nicotine free. I'm getting away from you.
  • I think you should try this vape.
  • I did a good thing walking away from that vape. Even though I haven't been feeling like myself recently, I wouldn't turn to something hurtful to my body to change how I feel. I should talk to someone about it.
  • Not happening!!! Those things are terrible for you.
  • Well it would calm you down and make you feel like yourself again.
  • It's not like anything will happen if you just do it once.
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