A Quarantine Story
Updated: 5/23/2020
A Quarantine Story

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  • When it all started I thought it would be fun
  • Super long March Break...
  • Family time!
  • and to never take the wonderful life I had before this for granted
  • But everyday felt the same now that school was done.
  • the only thing I saw that was different was the sunset from my room.
  • the sky looks pretty tonight...
  • Especially my family's health...
  • .
  • and the morning news making the world feel blue
  • OVER 300 000 DEATHS
  • But during the time alone I learned things about myself
  • I need to be less stressed, and put less pressure on myself...
  • I miss my friends and grandparents, I wish we spent more time together before this
  • 1000 more COVID-19 CASES