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Man vs. Nature
Updated: 9/3/2018
Man vs. Nature
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  • Finally school is out and Summer is starting off right with a one night camping trip. Caity, Sarah and Joe are enjoying themselves despite knowing Mother Nature is brewing a nasty storm over head.
  • As the dark night covered the woods like a blanket, rain was immediately released from the sky. Joe had went to find some extra firewood, but he didnt realise how dark the woods are when youre by yourself and the darkness has settled into the trees. Joe cant remember how to get back to Sarah and Caity. The storm was only getting worse. The rain was stinging, as it was kissing Joes skin. It was like Mother Nature was cackling at Joe like an evil witch after every lightening strike. Frightened, soaking wet and now high risk for hypothermia Joe is scared that he wont make it back to camp tonight. Wondering around aimlessly, Joe is convinced that Mother Nature is against him, feeling like he is in a cage and mother nature is ready to fight.
  • "Is the rain stopping? Or am i going into a psychosis?" Joe had given up and was sitting up against a tree praying the storm would stop. His skin was numb at this point from mother nature smacking his skin constant with rain and high winds. After what seemed like a life time, the rain stopped. Even though Joe knew he was very weak and freezing cold from the rain he had to get back to Sarah and Caity, he knew they were probably worried sick. One step at a time, he was walking back towards camp with the help of the sun glistening on the ground as it slowly raised into the sky. Joe couldnt believe it. He made it, he made it back to camp. There was Caity and Sarah standing with crystal tears in their eyes, and all of their parents standing around. Once everyone seen Joe and knew he was okay, besides the possible hypothermia everything was fine again. Joe says " Once youre in the ring with mother nature and shes ready to fight just back down, because at anytime where its Man vs. Mother nature, nature will always win"
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