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Updated: 9/27/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The Brothers were worried about their stability and security, for they were poor with no skills and no prospects.
  • Stage Four - The Journey Inward
  • Trust in God's providence, like the lilies in the field.
  • He donated his wealth to endow the community, and used most of his inheritance to feed the poor.
  • Jealous priests seeked to replace De La Salle and control the brothers, and Church officials regarded him as stubborn. Some brothers became disloyal, as well. The Institute of the Brothers almost collapsed in 1691 for multiple reasons.
  • The Wall
  • De La Salle's first miracle was experienced by Vittoria Ferry, who had been subjected to numerous sufferings after beingbrutally assaulted.
  • In 1844, as she was nearing her death, she read about De La Salle's life and felt confidence in him. One night, she saw him, and from that day, she never felt ill again.
  • Stage Six - Transforming Love
  • I shall now teach you how to pray.
  • You are cured
  • Even years after his death, De La Salle touched the lives of people around the world, and continues to do so until present. He was named the patron saint for teachers of youth.