Updated: 9/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I wonder why I see that kid everyday infront of the school yard... I should talk to him!
  • Oh my god! I shall ask your boss about it.
  • good morning young one! How come you don't go to school?
  • Good morning sir.. I can't go to school. My boss will not allow me to.
  • Excuse me but sheldon will not work anymore>
  • Sir this is where I work.
  • Sheldon! you are late ! get back to work!
  • Because right to freedom, right to equality do not allow you to decide this boy's rights
  • Right to Expolitation states that no children under 14yr of age is allowed to work
  • I don't understand
  • why not?
  • Cultural and Educational rights promote equal opportunities which means sheldon can go to school
  • oh yes! new books uniform! I will study hard!
  • Then what should I do?
  • haha! no it's okay I wish you all the sucess in the future!
  • Good morning Sheldon ! I see you've started school!
  • Good morning sir, ever since that day I studied hard and was finally able to attend school ! Thank-you sir!