The Folks of Macbeth
Updated: 11/5/2018
The Folks of Macbeth
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  • Okay but do you have a play named after you?
  • Macbeth!
  • Lady Macbeth!
  • Nothing matters until my husband is KING!
  • King Duncan!
  • My son will be the heir to my throne!
  • Traits: Good fighter and pretty submissive to his wife. Relatives: Lady Macbeth Friends: Banquo, Lady Macbeth
  • The Three Witches!
  • All hail Macbeth...
  • Traits: Manipulative, wants power Relatives: Macbeth Friends:
  • Banquo!
  • Traits: Good king, grateful and generous Relatives: His two sons Friends: Friendly towards most
  • Malcolm!
  • Traits: Evil witches who can predict future events Relatives: Maybe each other Friends:
  • Traits: Learns quickly that it is not safe to trust Macbeth and not safe to contradict him. Relatives: His son, Fleance. Friends: Macbeth
  • I don't know who to trust anymore...
  • Traits: Recently named heir to his father's throne. Relatives: King Duncan, his brother Friends: Maybe his brother
  • I'm the heir and you're not!
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