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Updated: 11/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Yea same lets head to lunch!
  • Basketball tryouts  In the gym after school
  • Look tryouts are after school!!
  • Yay Can;t wait to get on the court
  • You such a bully leave me ALONE!!
  • UGH ! You again!!!
  • I sit her find your own table!!
  • All you ever do is pick on me and i'm sick of it! Now LEAVE ME ALONE!!
  • That's enough Emma i'm tired of your bulling and picking on me!
  • I just wanted to say sorry for the way ive been acting
  • I wanted to fit in so much i thought that meant i had to be mean.
  • UM.. hey can we talk??
  • I forgive you we all have our ups and downs!Glad we could talk it out.
  • What is it now Emma?!!
  • woahhh am i missing something???
  • Yea turns out we have alot in common!!!
  • HAHA we made up and are friends now we put our differnces aside.
  • HAHA !yea that would suck
  • Well lets go dress out don't want to be late!
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