On my Honor storyboard
Updated: 5/18/2020
On my Honor storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Tony and Joel wanted to go to the park so they went to convince Joel's dad to say yes. He was unsure at first but eventually he said yes.
  • Exposition
  • Joel was riding up the hill when he looked back and saw Tony standing on the bridge. Joel rode over to Tony and understood that he wanted to swim in the river but Joel was worried.
  • rising action
  • They challenged each other to see who could swim to the sandbar first. But when Joel got to the sandbar, he looked back and Tony was not there.
  • climax
  • Joel looked around in the water to see if he could find Tony. He could not find him so he got on his bike. He wondered which way he should go but at the end he decided to go home.
  • falling action
  • When Joel got home he went to his bed and laid down. Later his father came home and was wondering why he was home alone. Joel told him a cover-up story and later told his mom the same.
  • falling action
  • Joel woke up to a cop car outside, he quickly ran outside and his father took him over to the neighbors house. Joel finally explained the true story of what happened. Then, Joel and his father went back inside and talked to each other.
  • resolution