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Interpreter of the Maladies 3
Updated: 4/4/2019
Interpreter of the Maladies 3
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  • "Excuse me, ma'am, what's in your bag? The smell coming from it is bothering the other passengers."
  • "That reeks!"
  • "Fresh Fish"
  • "OH NO!"
  • BEEP!
  • "Elliot, did you reach home safley?"
  • "Yes Mom, I am fine."
  • Mrs. Sen got a call from the fish market and decided to take the bus there instead of waiting for Mr. Sen. On the bus several passenger’s complained about the smell. When the next fish arrives, Mrs. Sen tells Eliot to put on his shoes. They pile into the car and Mrs. Sen attempts to merge onto the main road. (Dramatic Irony)
  • The accident happens when she was startled by another driver. Mrs. Sen drives the car into a telephone pole. Both she and Eliot have minor scrapes and bruises. Mr. Sen is called and he talks with the police officer, explaining that she doesn’t have a license. He takes them back to the Sens. Mrs. Sen goes to her bedroom where Eliot can hear her crying. When his mother arrives, Mr. Sen explains what happened and offers to reimburse her this month.
  • From that day on, Eliot wears a string around his neck with his house key. He doesn’t have a babysitter anymore. Mrs. Sen never accepted the way her life was in the U.S. She constantly compared it to her life back home and how different it was. In the end, Mrs. Sen got into an accident because of her own stubbornness not to change. The accident caused her to realize that her life was not the same she knew in Calcutta and she should accept that change.
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