The Broken Blade by Tessa Schnapf hour: 4
Updated: 2/27/2020
The Broken Blade by Tessa Schnapf hour: 4

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre's father cuts his thumb off with an ax because he was doing Pierre's job. Pierre feels guilty so he decides to enroll as a voyageur because his father can't anymore. Pierre has to leave behind his home, his family, and the girl he likes, Celeste.
  • After leaving St. Annes, Pierre feels guilty because his dad was supposed to be out there, not him. He gets along with most of the people, but some don't like him. Pierre is homesick because he misses his family and Celeste. His muscles are very sore, and the blisters on his hands hurt a lot.
  • During the rapids, La Londe got out of the canoe and tried moving a rock that was in the way of the canoe. While pushing the rock, the blade of his paddle broke, thus getting the title "The Broken Blade". After a while of hard work La Londe finally got the rock out of the way, but he lost his footing and got pulled down the river.
  • After La Londe's death, Pierre and everyone else set off on Lake Huron. Charbonneau said that it was odd for the weather to be so nice, but nobody listened.When crossing Lake Superior, they decided to cut through a bay. but Charbonneau was right and the weather was horrific. Pierre had to scoop water out of the canoe while the water and outside was freezing. Eventually they stopped and went to shore.
  • Pierre felt relief when he saw Grand Portage, because he would get to take a break from paddling, sleeping on rocks, and eating the same thing every day.He also met a friend of La Londe and Charbonneau, Mukwa. Mukwa had Pierre and Charbonneau over for dinner, and Pierre met his daughter, Kennewah, and they had a nice time together.
  • Pierre is returning to Lachine because he misses his family and his home. I think Pierre will sign on again because this was a really good experience for him because he got stronger and met a lot of nice people. Pierre had a hard time as a voyageur, but he has grown a lot. It was also good for him to meet new people.