Updated: 7/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The year 2050
  • What will happen to Japan if technology deveiops more than it does now?
  • What have you ever had trouble with not developing technology?
  • a
  • Technology will be more advanced than it is now.
  • If technology were to evolve and invent , what would happen?
  • If technology were deveioped, opportunities would be invented to help humans.
  • If flying cars are invented, or if humans fly, what changes?
  • The first step toward a dream!
  • People and things are transported using flying vehicles such as airplanes.It's not enough in terms of convenience or familiarity.
  • What would happen if such inventions were expensive?
  • What else should I buy?
  • Flying cars, or humans themselves, could fly.It's easy to go into space.
  • Runways are not required because vertical flight is possible. There is no need for skilled pilots to fly. If realized, air navigation will become as familiar as driving a car. The dream of flying freely will come true.
  • Only rich people can buy the opportunity for evolution.