The adventure of Willy Part 2
Updated: 3/12/2020
The adventure of Willy Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • "It took so long to get here.", Willy complained. "I know right.", said a familiar voice. "Sam!", Willy exclaimed. "Hello Willy, it is nice seeing you!", Sam said. "Why are you here? Didn't you precipitate?", asked Willy. "That doesn't matter, all that matters is that we won't fall quick like last time.", Sam said. "Why I was so scared, luckily it fell fast.", Willy said. "Because this time we will fall as snow. We are still water falling back to earth, but this time we will be snow.", Sam explained. "Oh, know I am super scared, I don't want to go.", Willy said. Slowly Both Willy and Sam precipitated. But Willy had his eyes opened and turns out he was having a blast and he loved it! They soon landed on a glacier
  • "That was so fun, now I know not to be scared of things. What is next!", Willy exclaimed. "We will melt, and then we will filter to groundwater." Soon both Sam and WIlly started to feel hot and this did not feel good to them. Soon they melted and filtered off to the groundwater.
  • "Man, it was so hot back up there what is next?", Willy questioned. "We are going to filter into the lake by discharge.", Sam explained. "What is discharge mean.", Willy asked. "Discharge is water that comes back to the earth's surface and goes into a collection area. In other words, we are going to rise up to and go to a body of water.", Sam explained. Soon they rose up and went into a lake.
  • "That was super fun! Where are we going next!.", Willy asked. Sam didn't answer because then Gabe Girrafe came. "Hello, Gabe!", Willy screamed. "Hi, Willy!", Gabe said. Gabe didn't know where the sound was coming from but he knew it was Willy. But then Gabe bent down and drank Willy and Sam up.
  • "It is so dark in here. Where are we going next? Are we getting evaporated?.", Willy asked. "No we are not getting evaporated, and we get excreted from Gabe and then we are going to the soil.", Sam explained. "What does excreted mean?", Willy asked. "It is when an animal expels waste products, in other words, Gabe is going to use the bathroom.", said Gabe. Then Gabe excreted and both Willy and Sam thought it smelled really bad but they soon soaked to the soil.
  • "Where are we going next?", WIlly asked. "The next place and your dream place is where we are going next but to get there we have to get saturated or absorbed through the soil and then we can get into the river.", Sam explained. Soon both WIlly and Sam reached the River and they kept going through the cycle.