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Optimistic and Amiable Jake Sparks!! Mod 7
Updated: 8/20/2020
Optimistic and Amiable Jake Sparks!! Mod 7
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Jake Sparks Mod 7

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  • Name and Why I'm a Good Student:
  • Hello there Ms. Squyres!!My name is Jacob Alan Sparks, but everyone just calls me Jake. I am a good student because I try my hardest at everything I do, and I like to learn everything I can!
  • Hobbies:
  • Some of my hobbies are, making music, reading, playing flag football, and swimming.
  • What I Like:
  • I like to exercise/play sports, play/listen/make music, hang out with friends, and eat food.
  • What I Don't Like:
  • I don't like when people are lazy or rude, I don't like cheese, I don't like vanilla ice cream, and I don't like math. (Sorry)
  • Strengths and Difficulties:
  • Math Strengths: Basics(+,-,x, ÷), really anything that I spend enough time learning and have good instructions because I'm a really fast learner, I just need time and patience.
  • Math Difficulties: Showing work, estimating, fractions, anything I don't know at first because I really struggle in math and I wasn't taught how to do those things well.
  • More:
  • Just to let you know: I ask a WHOLE lot of questions!! Please just answer as many as you can and help me when I need it because I get very stressed. I'm also a big perfectionist, so I normally take WAY too long to do even the simplest things. Just please be patient, forgiving, and helpful when I struggle.Thank you so much!!
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