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Science project Angel Martinez
Updated: 9/4/2020
Science project Angel Martinez
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  • This is an example of Newton's first law of motion, the car is at rest until a force is acted on it. When it is driven or moved, it will be displaced, this car is also in equilibrium.
  • Did you know that seat belts in cars are used to combat inertia, rather then the car to prevent injury.
  • Because the bus has more mass, it accelerates slower then the sports car that is lighter, this is an example of Newton's second law.
  • This guy also has bad accuracy lol
  • This example shows Newton's third law of motion, the gun being fired there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Both sides of the scale can hold the same amount of weight, but the right side has more mass, and more density
  • This is free fall, the only force being acted on me is gravity. We are also in momentum!
  • This horse's speed is 40 mph, its traveling at a velocity of 40 mph north, it's best time is one lap in 40 seconds.
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