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Qualities of a healthy relationship
Updated: 11/14/2020
Qualities of a healthy relationship
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  • Shared Interest,Jenn and Alex are enjoying each others company while eating ice cream!
  • I love this Ice cream! And I missed you so much!
  • Riley's Ice Cream Shop!
  • Me too! Ugh it's been so long!
  • Rapport,Jenn and Alex are both having a great time and laughing, (at ease).
  • You are 100% the funniest person I know, i laughed so hard I dropped my ice cream!
  • I am pretty funny, I made myself drop my own ice cream cone!
  • Some time later...
  • Trust, Jenn is confieding in Alex because they trust each other.
  • Hey... Alex can I talk to you, I really need to get this off my chest.
  • Of course! Whats up!?
  • Self disclosure,Jenn trusts Alex and shares how she's been feeling recently.
  • Honestly, i've been really sad lately and didn't know who to talk to.
  • I'm sorry you've been feeling sad, is there anything i can do?
  • I'm not sure what I need right now, I just wanna ask you to be understanding while I figure things out, I know you will be, but think of this as like a heads up.
  • Totally! I hate that you're feeling this way, but don't worry about it!
  • Empathy,Alex feels bad that Jenn is having a hard time, and understands that some things may change.
  • Thank you for being so understanding!
  • Mutuality,Alex is comforting and being there for Jenn especially now, and Alex is super kind about it.
  • Of course! I know you would do the same!!
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