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Updated: 11/23/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Reading One and Reading Two
  • 5.That's weird, we are equal to woman, but we do have separate roles.
  • 4.I'm a farmer, I own this small piece of land, my wife can't work though, as she's a woman.
  • 2.I'm bringing this with me , what are you doing?
  • 1.What are you doing?
  • 3.I'm  getting my crops. I live here and grow these crops.
  • Reading One , Reading Three, and Reading Four
  • 1.There are so many people here! I only know twenty people where I'm from.
  • 3.Why are there people in chains? We don't have that where I'm from, everyone is equal.
  • 2.Only 20? There are over 5,000 people here.
  • 4.Those are slaves, we captured most of them during war.
  • Reading 4.5
  • 5.That's crazy!
  • 1.This place is huge, do you have children too?
  • 3.How was he taken for compensation?
  • I owed someone crops and had no money at the time, so we agreed he could have my son.
  • 2.I had a son who helped me farm, but was taken away for compensation.
  • Reading Five
  • 1What's that clay tablet things with squiggles.
  • 2It's a clay tablet with all my sales of crops. The squiggles are writing, that indicate what a message.
  • 1. We are always on the run for more animals.
  • 2. This is what I use to kill animals. We set up quick tents to live in temporarily and follow the animals.
  • Reading One
  • That's a lot of work! I use a similar tool, but we domesticate animals and raise them where we live.
  • 1. Who is this guy and what nice building is this?
  • 3. This is the palace that he lives and works in.
  • 2. That is the Babylon king Hammurabi, he makes a lot of important decisions for Babylon.